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Registering a Certified State Contractor License
in Lee County


Prior to being issued any permit for work in Unincorporated Lee County, a certified state contractor will be required to provide the following to Lee County Contractor Licensing. The items may be brought in person at the time of permit issuance or may be submitted at any time via fax (239) 485-8577 or email (Documents may be scanned). You may also mail the items to P.O. Box 398 Fort Myers, FL 33902, attention Contractor Licensing. 


  • Your certified state license number, company name, and qualifier name. (A copy of your current state-issued certified license is preferred.)

  • Certificates of Insurance for General Liability and Workers' Compensation. A Workers' Compensation Exemption** can be submitted in lieu of workers' compensation insurance. Certificates of insurance must be submitted with Lee County listed as the certificate holder.

  • Administration Fee: Lee County will contact you with payment instructions if you submitted by email or fax. Please include a contact phone number, fax number, email address and mailing address in your communications.

  • If the qualifier wishes for someone other than him/herself to pick up permits, a Lee County Contractor Agreement signed by the license qualifier will need to be submitted.


** Application for Workers' Compensation Exemption can be made through the State of Florida's local Bureau of Compliance office located at 2295 Victoria Avenue, Suite 163, Fort Myers, FL 33901, phone (239) 461-4006.  You may visit the State of Florida's website for additional information by clicking here.