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Historic Preservation


Homes to be Restored

Lee County's Historic Preservation Ordinance (No. 88-62) provides for the designation of those sites, buildings and districts that contribute to the cultural heritage of Lee County, Southwest Florida, the State of Florida or the nation.  In Lee County's historic districts, there are two types of designated properties: contributing and non-contributing.  Contributing buildings are those that are historic, are exceptionally designed, or are directly associated with the historical period of that district.  Non-contributing buildings are generally those structures built after the historical period of the district.  Certain regulations apply to the issuance of building, moving or demolition permits for designated properties within historic districts.  For historic resources (specific buildings and historic districts) designated under the Historic Preservation Ordinance (Chapter 22, Land Development Code), applicants must obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness prior to obtaining a building, moving or demolition permit.  An approved Certificate must accompany all building permit applications for designated historic resources.


   Information on Historic Resources in Lee County

Adobe Reader RequiredProposed Downtown Boca Grande Historic District National Register Nomination

Adobe Reader RequiredMap and Photographs of the Proposed Downtown Boca Grande Historic District National Register Nomination

Adobe Reader RequiredDesign Guidelines Manual for Boca Grande Historic District

Adobe Reader RequiredCalusa Heritage Trail


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For more information and assistance concerning the historic preservation program, please e-mail: Gloria Sajgo, AICP, Principal Planner, or call (239) 533-8311.