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Estero Island Project Report November 27 - December 3rd 

Below is the update for Estero Island 12/22/2011.

Sand placement was completed for Estero Island on Monday, December 19th at 7:00 am. Approximately 390,000 cyds were placed within the 1.2 mile project area. (Final quantities are expected by January 6th.) A ribbon cutting ceremony is anticipated in January, more information on this will be provided as it develops.

Pre and post construction photos near the pier at Ft. Myers Beach > Photos

The attached photos were provided by Florida Dredge and Dock.

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The project consists of the restoration and maintenance of approximately 1.2 miles of critically eroded shoreline on the northern portion of Estero Island. The segment extends from 400 feet north of DEP reference monument R-175 (Bowditch Point Regional Park), which is adjacent to Mantanzas Pass, to approximately R-181.5 near time square and the pier. This segment is part of the Federal project described in the July 2001 Corps of Engineers report titled “Lee County, Florida Shore Protection Project, General Reevaluation Report.” The project includes nourishment with a beachfill volume of 315,000 cubic yards in conjunction with a jetty on the south side of Mantazas Pass. The pass is a federally maintained channel that requires maintenance dredging approximately every 5 years. The groin will be 240 feet long and situated perpendicular to the shoreline with 150 feet seaward of the 2000 MHWL. The structure will discourage material from infiltrating the federal channel and reduce maintenance events.

The shoreline from R-176 through R-200, inclusive, has been designated as critically eroded by FDEP.

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