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Project Discription

Gasparilla Island Project Report

The project includes removal or rehabilitation of an existing groin field, placement of beachfill along 16,390 feet (3.1 miles), construction of an offshore segmented breakwater, and two T-head groins near the southern end of the island. The complete project area, from Boca Grande Pass to 17th Street, is listed as critically eroded shoreline by FDEP. Placement of 1,072,781 cubic yards and removal of the derelict groin field were completed in April 2007. The derelict groin field was comprised of approximately thirty five steel sheet piles, pre-cast concrete interlocking units and rubble mound groins between DEP reference monuments R-13 and R-21. Although not required by State permit conditions, the County removed twenty-seven of the derelict groins. In late 1997, the Gasparilla Island Conservation and Improvement Association (GICIA), with the assistance of Lee County and adjacent private property owners, removed approximately 900 linear feet of derelict seawall, corroded steel reinforcement and riprap debris from the shoreline between R-21 + 200 ft south and R-22. The beach erosion control project extends from 17th Street (R-10 + 500 ft. south) to the south end of Gasparilla Island (R 26). These limits are consistent with the FDEP Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems (BBCS) recommendations as delineated in “Beach Conditions in Florida, 5th Edition, December 1993”, and the north limit of the federal beach erosion control project. Erosion rates in the project area are reported to be 7 ft/yr (“Beach Management Plan for Lee County”, Olsen Associates, Inc., April 1987). The FDEP-BBCS has designated shoreline between R-7 and R-26/Boca Grande Pass as critically eroded.