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 Sharps Information


Sharps:  Medical waste including sharps cannot be placed in your household garbage or recycling container. Improper disposal of sharps (syringes with attached needles, lancets, or devices having the potential to puncture or lacerate) causes many problems, including:

  • Clogging sewer and lift stations
  • Ending up in recycling centers among cans and plastics
  • Puncturing solid waste containers
  • Placing workers at risk from hepatitis, HIV and other potential fatal diseases

Nearly 1 million sharps enter Lee County's solid waste stream every year. Make it your practice to dispose of them correctly. Thanks for being a considerate citizen.

What you can do:

Participate in the free Used Sharps Collection Program, sponsored by the Lee County Health Department in cooperation with the Lee County Solid Waste Division, Lee County Emergency Operations Center and the sites listed here. Go to any designated fire station, the Diabetes Program at any of the local hospitals, HealthPark Pharmacy, Center Pharmacy in Cape Coral or Family Health Centers on Heitman in Fort Myers for your initial sharps container (red box). You may be asked to furnish proof that you require the use of syringes.

1. Perform your routine blood test.

2. Administer your normal injection. DO NOT CLIP the needle. DO NOT RECAP the needle.

3. Safely deposit in the red box.

4. Do not overfill the red box.

5. When full or ready for an exchange, lock the lid into place to secure it from opening and return the sealed container to any participating fire station drop-off site during regular business hours to exchange for a new one.


Lee County Health Department  - Pamphlet Used Sharps Collection Program