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Water Conservation


As the population of Lee County keeps growing, the demand for water keeps increasing.  Even though Lee County receives a large amount of rainfall, it arrives mostly during the rainy season when demands are low.  Our highest demand for water comes during our dry season when our population increases due to our winter and spring visitors along with a high demand for irrigation.  Approximately 60% of potable water produced is used for irrigation.  To help lower demands of potable water for irrigation, in 2005, LCU passed Ordinance 05-10 regarding year round water restrictions.  

Even with year-round water restrictions in place, there are still many ways that you can conserve water.  Remember, by conserving water you are not only helping the environment, but you will be saving money on your monthly bill. 

To help with the efforts, here are some easy guidelines you can start following today for inside and outside of your home.

Inside Tips

Outside Tips

 General Tips

You can also log onto, where you can take a tour through your home to see where you could be saving even more water.

For more information about water conservation, please visit these websites:

Southwest Florida Water Management District

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