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Case NumberRegistration NumberGeneral LocationDate PostedType of VesselPriority
466FL1855 KBCape Coral Yacht Club #212/25/2014Power3a
569FL 3910 JHForty Acre Bay1/23/2014Power3a
594FL 6556 AEstero Bay10/5/2013Sail3a
603FL 7383 EPImperial river12/2/2013Sail3a
606FL 1885 NDCape Coral12/17/2013Power3a
607N/AHendery Creek12/27/2013Other3a
608FL 5667 JHEstero Bay1/30/2014Sail3a
610FL 3754 PLMurphy Oil2/6/2014Sail3a
611FL 4063 BEMurphy Oil2/6/2014HouseBoat3a
612N/AEstero Bay2/17/2014Other3a
615SSU31340M38JSlip 11 - Rosen Park3/5/2014Sail3a
616FL 0037AN13442 Caribbean Dr3/6/2014Power3a
620N/AHurricane Bay3/13/2014Power3a
621FL 1810 MMHurricane Pass3/19/2014Sail3a
622N/AFoster Bayou3/27/2014Pontoon3a

Owners of listed vessels should email Justin McBride or call 239-533-8130 immediately.