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Bonita Beach Nourishment

  Project Description

Bonita Beach Project Report

The project consists of a continuation of ongoing post-project construction monitoring, preparation of plans, specifications and contract documents, and renourishment of the northernmost 4,100 feet of Little Hickory Island (Bonita Beach) located immediately south of Big Hickory Pass. The Bonita Beach Restoration Project, which was comprised of two terminal groins and 217,000 cubic yards of beach fill, was completed in November 1995. The first nourishment cycle, consisting of placing an estimated 150,000 cubic yards, was completed in June 2004. The entire project area has been designated as critically eroded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The DEP recently (June 2005) reduced the critical erosion area’s southern limits by 400 feet. The critical erosion area now extends from R-226 to R-230.