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If you require assistance obtaining watershed boundary data, please contact Karen Bickford with Lee County Natural Resources at 

Tools and functions:

      togglelegend -  Toggle between a list of available mapping layers and a map legend.

overview_html -  Toggle the county-wide overview map off and on.

zoomin_2 -  Zoom in to a clicked location or a box created by dragging the mouse

        while holding down the left mouse button.

zoomout_1 -  Zoom out from the clicked location.

zoomactive_1 -  Zoom out to the whole county.

zoomlast -  Back to last extent.

pan_1 -  Pan by dragging the cursor across the map while holding down the left 

        mouse button.    

pan_north -  Pan up.

pan_south -  Pan down.

pan_west -  Pan to the left.

pan_east -  Pan to the right.

hotlink -  Hyperlink Tool - Display the proposed FIRM map for the location clicked.

print_1 -  Print a map of the currently displayed area.

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