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  Project Objective

The objective of this project is to improve the water quality in the west lake by improving the flow and circulation through the west lake during periods of flow, and provide for additional nutrient removal from the west lake through the addition of littoral “benches”. The new structures are generally described as a new inflow structure at the north end of the west lake and a new outflow structure at the south end of the west lake. The existing west lake inflow and outflow structures will be modified with operable gates to achieve the overall permitted discharges and to prevent saltwater backflow through the existing outflow structure.


The Scope of Services includes Tasks required to:


1)     Collect/Inventory data and evaluate potential water quality impacts and improvement project concepts,

2)     Perform the design and submit permit applications for two new water control structures in the West Lake of the Lee County Lakes Park Facility, and

3)     Modify three existing spoil islands near the public beach area to remove exotic vegetation and create littoral “benches” through the removal of excess spoil material and the planting of wetland plant species.

Permitted Plans
Approved SFWMD ERP 
Approved USACOE Permit

Project Updates

Meeting Minutes/Journal 9-20-11
Logistic Meeting 5-18-11

March 2009 Report
April 2009 Report
May 2009 Report
June 2009 Report
July 2009 Report
August 2009 Report
September 2009 Report
October 2009 Report
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January 2010 Report
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Chemical Treatment Pilot Plant Final Report


Contact information:  Anura Karuna-Muni, P.E., Project Manager
Phone: 239-533-8131 E-mail: