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Current Project Status - Substantially Complete


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Project objective:

The Lakes Park Restoration Project is located on Hendry Creek, a major tributary of Estero Bay and represents a small but significant portion of the Estero Bay Watershed.  The purpose of this project is to provide the design and permitting documents for the construction of an approximately 40-acre marsh/flow-way.  The constructed project will provide surface-water runoff quality treatment from a 2,000 acre watershed while increasing wildlife habitat in the abandoned rock mine.  Meandering flow-ways with shallow littoral zones will improve nutrient removal, oxygen content, and native habitat.  The restoration will produce immediate habitat and water quality benefits at Lakes Park and improve downstream conditions in Hendry Creek and the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve. 

Proposed budget:  $400,000 (for design & permitting)
Construction Budget: $2.5 million
Project Footprint

Project status: - Construction began February 2012

Construction Progress Meeting Minutes 

Permits secured

Project Design Updates
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Before and After Photos

   Lakes Park Filter Marsh Before Photo

   Lakes Park Filter Marsh After Photo

Oct. 2010 - Pilot Plant Final Report  (For the next phase)

ontact information:  Anura Karuna-Muni, P.E., Project Manager
Phone: 239-533-8131