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One of the main purposes of the Plan was to identify the existing flowways, streams and runoff rates for each basin and provide recommendation for protection and improvement of each flowway and stream.  This is being done to protect upstream lands from additional flooding which might be caused from downstream developments.

The first portion of the Surface Water Management Plan was an inventory of existing facilities on the major streams and a detailed study of Six Mile Cypress watershed.  The Six Mile Cypress Watershed Plan was finished in February, 1990 with the Interim Plan finished in May, 1990.  This plan was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on April 18, 1990.  Eleven more watersheds were studied and the report was completed in June, 1991.  In December 1992, nineteen additional watershed were completed.  Four watersheds (Halls Creek, Telegraph Creek, Fichters Creek and Cypress Creek) were completed as part of Four Corners study sponsored by the South Florida Water Management District and the County.  Four additional watersheds are being studied during the year 2002.

Master Plan 
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Northwest Lee County Surface Water Management Plan
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Northwest Lee County Surface Water Management Plan Volume 1

Northwest Lee County Surface Water Management Plan Volume 2
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Lee County Culvert Map - major culvert crossing within watersheds
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