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Ordinance # 07-25

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling

This Ordinance requires contractors and homeowners to divert debris materials from landfilling in the form of salvaging, re-using, and recycling.  The Solid Waste Division will be available to guide you in this endeavour.

What You Need To Know:

Who is responsible?

         The Ordinance applies to covered projects which are defined as any project for which a building, demolition, or other similar permit is required by County Ordinance.  Projects are required to divert 50% of the debris generated by the project.  Projects requiring only mechanical electrical or plumbing are excluded.  Other minimum criteria include:
                     Residential and Commercial – 
                     Construction greater than $90,000 in value
                     Alterations greater than $10,000 in value
                     Roofing projects requiring old roofing removal
How to meet the requirements of the Ordinance?

          1. Complete a Construction and Demolition Materials Management Plan

The County has prepared a sample plan for contractors to guide them through the compliance steps which include: estimating the amount of debris, estimating the amount that can be diverted, designating vendors for diversion/disposal of debris, and documentation of diversion/disposal.

        2. Divert materials during the Project

Materials must be sent to a County approved recycling facility.  Other diversion methods must be approved by the SWD.  Waivers can be requested if the 50% diversion cannot be met.  Keep all weigh tickets and receipts from recycling and disposal vendors

        3. Submit paperwork to waive Diversion Fees

Required paperwork includes a completed C&DMMP, a County Approved Certification Statement signed and sealed by a company official, and appropriate back-up documentation. 

        *Please note, submission of falsified or inaccurate information with the certification statement is subject to perjury and will be subject to a fine in the amount of three times the Diversion Fee for the project plus any other legal proceedings up to and including criminal prosecution.

        4. What if I can't divert enough debris?
Unless you were granted a waiver reducing the diversion percentage, a Diversion Fee will be assessed based on the type and size of the project.