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Fun Educational Links:

"Charge Up To Recycle"    Courtesy of Rechargeable Battery Corporation!

Energy Quest -Education from the California Energy Commission - Learn about energy and how to save it. This fun site features large text, lots of illustrations, coloring pages, games, puzzles, and more.

Miami Museum of Science - Hurricanes - Visit the Miami Museum of Science exhibit about the greatest storms on Earth. Find out what makes a hurricane, what it's like inside one, how they are detected and monitored, and meet a family which survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Gardening and Composting:

A listing of items used for composting and their nitrogen or carbon levels Fun site for gardening an composting projects.

National Geographic for Kids - This site features exciting expeditions to different times and places around the world, fun science experiments, cartoons to create, and the GeoBee geography quiz.

National Wildlife Federation - Kids Zone - Play games, follow along on educational tours about nature, and read sample articles from Ranger Rick magazine.

World Book Presents - Welcome to the Student Resource Center The Student Resource Center contains World Book resources to help students with their school work. It also offers educational games and activities that help make learning fun.

Features lots of illustrations and photos.

Yellowstone National Park - This site has virtual tours of the Park, information about wildlife, and a kids' section with coloring pages and games.

Environmental Explorer's Club This site features topics on air, water, garbage and recycling, plants and animals, you and your environment.  Fun and educating.