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 Business Recycling Information


  • The entity responsible for garbage service is responsible for complicance with the Mandatory Business Recycling Ordinance. Examples include:
    • A property manager for a strip mall
    • Building owner
    • Individual business owner
  • Establish a service contract with a recycling hauler.
    • Franchise haulers providing service within their franchise service area must provide this service at the negotiated rate. 2015 Rates are $3.14/cubic yard for 96 gallon carts and $1.65/cubic yard for front-load containers.
    • Other haulers, as well as franchise haulers outside their service area, can negotiate rates with individual customers. Below is a list of Lee County franchised haulers. You may find other recyclers and/or haulers in your local Yellow Pages.


Hauler                                                          Phone No.       Materials

Progressive Waste Solutions (area 4)  (239) 368-2300    fiber, commingled

formerly known as Choice Environmental                                       containers

Advanced Disposal  (area 1 and 2)        (239) 334-1224   fiber, commingled

formerly known as Veolia Environmental                                         containers

Waste Pro, Inc. (area 3 and 5)                (239) 337-0800   fiber, commingled



    • Businesses may self haul to a recycling center or vendor which does require additional record keeping to demonstrate compliance with the ordinance, including receipts and weight tickets.
  • Businesses must educate new employees upon hire and remind staff, at a minimum annually, regarding the company's recycling program. Education should indicate the What, How, and Where of the recycling program components. Some examples of educational materials include:
    • Informational posters
    • Distribution memos
    • Reminders on pay stubs
    • Other creative ideas to spread the word about the company's program
  • Complete a Recycling Plan Form and maintain on-site for review by County staff, if requested.
  • New businesses must start a program within 14 days of commencing garbage service.
  • Businesses on minimal garbage service (70 gallons or less) are exempt from the ordinance.