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Lee County Utilities will be temporarily converting its disinfectant process from chloramines to free chlorine residuals from May 1st through May 29th, 2014. 

This is a routine measure that is common for water utilities using chloramines as its primary disinfectant.

Anyone who uses a kidney dialysis machine at home should contact his or her equipment supplier so the proper filtering equipment may be installed.

Tropical fish or aquatic animal owners should contact a local tropical fish store for appropriate pretreatment of water before adding water to tanks.

Customers may notice a temporary change in the taste, odor, and color of the water, which is not harmful.

Again, this is a routine precautionary measure to ensure our customers of clean, safe potiable water.

Please feel free to contact our office during regular business hours at 239-533-8845, if you have any questions.

 Other Announcements

Spring Cleaning Checklist...

- Trim Around Meter Box
- Check Hose and Bibs for Leaks
- Install Micro Irrigation System
- Pull Weeds
- Check Irrigation System Setting
- Mulch Flower Beds
Enabled: True       Start: 04/01/14       End: 06/30/14


As your water meter ages, the register that measures your water usage can gradually slow down and, in some cases, it will stop recording usage. 

If your monthly bill shows no usage even though you have been utilizing the water, please call our Customer Service office.  By notifying us, you can avoid being backbilled for your prior unbilled water usage.

Enabled: True       Start: 04/01/14       End: 08/30/15



To temporarily suspend your water service for the summer, you can submit your requests through our web portal at

Enabled: True       Start: 04/01/14       End: 04/30/14