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New Customer Accounts


To establish a new customer account with Lee County Utilities, you will need the following four items:

  • A Valid Drivers License and/or other Form of Identification.  If account is set up in business name, provide proof of FEIN (W-9 or Letter from IRS).
  • Proof of Ownership, Lease or Rental Agreement for the service address
  • New Account Application Download Here
  • Security Deposit (See Rates & Fees)


IMPORTANT: The name on the Account Application must match the name on the Proof of Ownership, Lease or Rental Agreement.

If you are paying the deposit by credit card or if the security deposit is eligible to be waived, applications can be faxed to (239) 485-8845.

If you are faxing your applications, be sure to include the following four(4) items:

        Letter of Reference OR
      Indicate your last LCU service address on your application (for waived deposits)
  • A copy of your driver's license (PLEASE ENLARGE AND LIGHTEN THE IMAGE BEFORE FAXING)
  • A copy of just the pages of the Proof of Ownership, Lease or Rental Agreement that contain(s) Name(s), Service Address and Signatures

All other application packets can also be mailed or delivered in person to:

Lee County Utilities
7391 College Parkway
Fort Myers, Fl 33907


Please send your (whole) application packet as far in advance as possible.  This will allow us time to properly process your application and schedule your meter to be turned on. To reduce confusion, we kindly request that you DO NOT send your application in pieces.

Due to the fact that there may be sensitive information in your application packet, we do not recommend that application packets be e-mailed to LCU.

If you fax your application to us, please give us a minimum of two (2) hours to process your request before calling to inquire about the status of your application.