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Grant Information

Budget Services is responsible for the following grant activities:

  • Provide limited assistance to a grant development consultant in identifying potential grant opportunities and in the preparation of grant applications.
  • Provide budgetary account codes for all grant awards.
  • Maintain central grants inventory.
  • Coordinate with Departments to ensure adherence to grant-related County policies.
  • Conduct routine departmental grant compliance audits, by evaluating grant contract adherence and departmental fiscal management activities.

For additional information, contact Budget Services at For assistance with personal financial matters, please contact the Department of Human Services at (239) 533-7930.

Lee County has contracted with eCivis for access to the Grant Locator program available on the internet. This service is available to County Employees, Constitutional Offices and 501(c) Community-Based Organizations within Lee County. <eCivis Grants Locator>