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Subdivision Platting


Development Services reviews and processes applications for the recording of plats for residential and commercial subdivisions in accordance with Chapter 177, Florida Statutes.

The review and approval process is administrative in nature and, in addition to Chapter 177, F.S., is governed by Lee County Administrative Code 13-19.

If you have additional questions, you may contact the Development Services Division for additional information regarding the plat approval process at 239-533-8585.


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Administrative Code 13-19

Adobe Reader RequiredApplication for Plat Review


List of Required Documents for Preliminary Plat Review
Adopted Nov. 22, 2005; Amended Sept. 29, 2009

I.    Preliminary Plat Review

At minimum, the following items must be submitted, in a single package, in order to be accepted by the County for preliminary plat review:

  1. Six (6) paper prints of the plat containing all of the items specified in the Lee County Administrative Code AC-13-19, adopted November 22, 2005; amended Sept. 29, 2009.
  2. Title Certification or title opinion dated within 90 days of the submittal to the County meeting the requirements of Section H.1.
  3. Easement/Tract Location Table identified under Section I.3.
  4. Two (2) copies of the boundary survey meeting the requirements of Section H.2.
  5. One (1) copy of the Property Owner documents meeting the requirements of Section G.3. (i.e. Declaration, Articles, Bylaws and the County Checklist). Previously approved and recorded documents covering the proposed plat area, along with the approval letter for these documents, may be submitted in lieu of draft documents. An approval letter issued by the County, without the underlying documents, will not be sufficient.
  6. Review Fee of $775.00 plus $12.00 per each lot and tract in accordance with External Fees and Charges Manual. Make check payable to Lee County Board of County Commissioners.
  7. Identify individual to act as contact person if other than the engineer of record.


E-Mail Questions to: Development Services


List of Required Documents for Final Plat Review & Approval
Adopted Nov. 22, 2005; Amended Sept. 29, 2009

II.    Final Plat Review

The following items must be submitted for final plat review and approval. (Applicants are advised to delay preparation of mylars until final plat approval is issued.)

  1. Two sets of paper prints (one 24" x 36" and one 11" x 17").
  2. Title certification meeting the requirements of Section H.
  3. Draft or executed consent and joinder documents, unless the consent is on the face of the plat.
  4. A validated tax receipt showing that taxes are paid on the lands to be platted consistent with Florida Statutes Section 197.333 including a list of relevant STRAP #’s with G.I.S. base map depicting same.
  5. Road name approval letters.
  6. A list of lot and tract sizes in square feet, if not shown on the plat.
  7. Assurance of completion (letter of credit, bond, or escrow account) approval or a certificate of compliance for all subdivision improvements and survey monumentation.
  8. A valid Certificate of Concurrency and a copy of the approved development order, along with any stipulations
  9. Letters of review from all applicable utility service providers.
  10. A written statement from the development services reviewer indicating the proposed plat complies with the approved development order supporting the plat. This review includes zoning compliance.


III.    Plat Acceptance and Recording

  1. Final plat approval memorandum from the County Attorney’s office.
  2. One (1) set of original mylar drawings with original signatures and seals.
  3. A title certification updated through 5:00 p.m. on the date established by the County Attorney memorandum.
  4. Recording fees as follows:(Checks payable to Clerk of Court)
    1. One set of Mylars at $30.00 for the first sheet and $15.00 for each additional sheet.
    2. Recording fees for any additional consents and joinders, $10.00 for the first sheet, $8.50 per each attachment. (Exhibits, etc.)


IV.    Execution

  1. All signatures must be signed with black permanent waterproof ink.
  2. Impression seals must be raised and clearly readable.
  3. Ink print seals must be permanent black waterproof ink and clearly readable.
  4. All seals for surveyors, notaries, banks, corporations, etc, must be placed within the sheet margins established for the plat. Seals must appear on the same page as the signature to which it relates.
  5. County Routing Order.
    1. County Professional Surveyor and Mapper
    2. Director of Division of Development Services
    3. Director of Community Development
    4. County Attorney's Office
    5. Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners
    6. Clerk of Court