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Environmental Sciences Fees

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 *Note: In instances where a 'per acre' fee is included, the acreage is rounded up to the nearest acreage unless otherwise specified.


Table of Contents:


Vegetation Permits

Fee Type Fee
Tree removal $30 + 1 per tree
up to $25 per acre
Tree permit re-inspection $60 Each
Tree permit / after removal $60 + 2 per tree
up to $50 per acre

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Docks & Shoreline Structures

Permit Type Fee
Boat Davits $25
Boatlift, hoist $50
Boathouse/Boat shelter $50
Boat ramp $50
Dock, walkway, platform, pier $.50sf/$50 min.
Repair of Dock, walkway, platform, pier 1/2 applicable fee
Dredging $50
First Permit Extension
(3 months)
Subsequent Permit Extension
(3 months)
Pilings Only $50
Reinspection $25
Rip Rap/Revetment $.50plf/$50 min.
Seawall/Retaining Wall $1.00plf/$50 min.
Repair of Seawall/Retaining Wall 1/2 applicable fee min.

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Dock & Shoreline Plan Review

Review Type Fee
Residential - One and Two Family $25
Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Residential 40% of permit fee/$50 min.
Completion - Residential $100
Completion - Commercial $100
Local Letter of Approval $50
Revision $25
NOTE:  For Electrical, Roofing, & Plumbing fees, see Building Permit Fees

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