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Lee County ePlan will allow contractors who are registered in Lee County to submit and receive permits and plans through our system, therefore reducing the paper, fuel, and time expenses associated with permitting. Each user will be required to complete a Lee County ePlan Agreement, which is an agreement between Lee County and a user to send and receive documents through our system. Click here for more information.


Checklist For Residential Drawings

Compliance Statement:

Plans that are prepared by a Florida registered architect or engineer must be prepared in compliance with Florida Statutes Section 1603 and must contain a statement on the plan that the building/structure has been designed according to the 2010 Florida Building Code.  The following information related to wind loads must be shown on the construction drawings:


        1. Ultimate design wind speed and nominal design wind speed
        2. Risk category
        3. Wind exposure
        4. Classification of the applicable enclosure
        5. Components and Cladding
        6. Goetechnical information 


If the construction is located in a coastal area specific to the limitations under:

The Lee County Land Development Code


      Chapter 14, Article II, Division 2, Sea Turtles;

      Chapter 6, Article III Coastal Construction Code, or

      Article IV Flood Hazard Reduction,


the architect or engineer must provide a statement of compliance with those applicable code sections.


If plans are intended to be mastered, the engineer or architect must indicate by a sealed letter or statement on the plans that he approves of the repetitive use of the plans for permitting or, if a case by case approval (by letter from the architect or engineer) specific to each application is required for permitting.


When applicable (out of a Fire District, requirement for Type of construction, or provision of a Development Order) note compliance with N.F.P.A.13D for fire sprinklers.  Also, plans must show compliance with the State of Florida Administrative Code 61g15-32.


For in-depth information on the details and specifications that are required on all plans, please click here.


Additional Information:

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Substantial Improvement or Substantial Damage

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