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Submitting Elevation Certificates

Fillable FEMA Elevation Certificate


In an effort to go green, the Lee County Inspection/Building Department is now accepting elevation certificates which have been digitally signed and sealed by a surveyor.  Surveyors will need to register a digital signature and seal before they begin submitting elevation certificates in this manner.  To submit a digitally signed elevation certificate, send it by email it to or use the ‘submit’ button on the form.  Lee County will continue to accept hard copy elevation certificates by mail. The mailing address is P.O. Box 398 Fort Myers FL  33902 Attn: Building Inspections.


Digital Signatures can be registered with Lee County using the Design Professional Digital Signature Affidavit.   If you do not already have a digital signature, you may create one in the free Acrobat Adobe Reader program and then register it with us for the purposed of signing the elevation certificates only*.   Click here for information on creating a digital signature in Adobe Reader XI. Click here for information on creating a digital signature in Acrobat Adobe Professional X.


*If you do other business with Lee County Community Development that requires digital signatures, (i.e. ePlan applications and No-Rise Certifications) you will need to have the full Acrobat Adobe Professional program in order to digitally sign and seal PDF files that you create. The free version only allows you to sign existing signature fields on pre-formatted PDF fillable forms.