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Conventional Zoning

 A DCD employee staking a Conventional Zoning sign in a yard

Zoning Case Types:


Conventional Zoning Districts:

There are two basic types of zoning districts: conventional zoning districts and planned development districts.  The general purpose of both types of zoning districts is to implement the goals, objectives, and policies of the Lee Plan, as well as to provide protection to the public health, safety and welfare through the regulation of land use.

Conventional zoning districts are districts within which land use is controlled through the regulation of the height and bulk of buildings and structures, the minimum area and dimensions of lots, the percentage of lot coverage, minimum open space and yard areas, through the use of setback requirements, the density of population, and the type and intensity of use of the land and buildings. Use and development regulations for the conventional districts are provided in Chapter 34 of the Land Development Code

Conventional Zoning Process:

The applicant is required to submit a completed application and fee pursuant to the county fee schedule.   

The average time to complete the conventional rezoning process is approximately 6 months depending on completeness of the application when submitted.  For further information, you may contact the Division of Zoning.

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Zoning Process