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Zoning Applications

Click here for details on submitting your applications electronically 


Currently the Zoning Division is accepting electronic submittals for Minimum Use Determinations (MUD) and Administrative Approvals (ADD) through the Lee County ePlan process. We continue working toward including submittals of all application types.

Lee County ePlan allows applicants who are registered in Lee County to submit applications and required submittal documents electronically. These documents are reviewed and approved electronically, also making the final approval documents available for you to download directly from your office, therefore reducing the paper, fuel, and time expenses associated with submitting an application.

Before you can submit an application electronically, you will be required to complete a Lee County ePlan Agreement, which is an agreement between Lee County and a user to send and receive documents through our system.  Even if you’re not ready to submit electronically now, we suggest you go ahead and complete the Agreement so it will be on file when you are ready. Click here to learn more about the ePlan process and to access required forms.

Zoning Applications