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(239) 533-8100


Street Address:
1500 Monroe St., Room 218, Ft. Myers, FL 33901

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 398, Ft. Myers, FL 33902-0298

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Lee County Hearing Examiners Office

The Lee County Hearing Examiners Office is an independent reviewer of Lee County’s regulation of land development and land use.

Rezonings and Land Use Applications

The Hearing Examiner holds public hearings on land related applications -- rezonings and other land use requests.

Rezonings:  The Hearing Examiner provides a recommendation to Board of County Commissioners, which holds a second hearing and makes the final decision on whether to approve the request.

Land Use Requests: The Hearing Examiner makes final decisions on applications for special exceptions, variances and administrative appeals.

Code Enforcement

The Hearing Examiner acts in the place of a code enforcement board, conducting the code enforcement hearings and making the decisions on whether a violation exists, how the violation should be corrected, and the fine if the violation is not corrected.

Quasi-judicial Hearings

All of the hearings before the Hearing Examiner are quasi-judicial. This means the hearings are court-like. The Hearing Examiner is prohibited by ordinance from discussing cases outside the public hearing setting.

Public Participation

The public may participate in zoning, special exception and variance hearings before the Hearing Examiner. In order to speak at a rezoning hearing before the Board of County Commissioners, the public participant must have spoken on the case before the Hearing Examiner. A Public Participation Handbook is available; the link is in the sidebar on the left side of this page, under “Hearing Examiner.”

Members of the public may also share their comments on zoning cases scheduled before the Hearing Examiner via email to prior to the date and time of the hearing. These and other written comments do not, however, qualify the person to speak before the Board of County Commissioners on rezoning cases.

If the public wishes to comment by email, please include the case number in the email. Comments received after the start of the hearing will not be part of the hearing record and will not be given to the Hearing Examiner for consideration in the case.

In Code Enforcement hearings, the public may testify only if called as a witness by the person alleged to be in violation or by the County.