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Internal Support Services

Administrative Support

Provides a central location for residents to contact Lee County Government for assistance and information on all aspects of county government operations. Various functions include Board of County Commissioners meeting information processing and organization. You can also contact Public Resources about advisory committees, ordinances and administrative codes, taxi cab permits, special events permits and more.

Graphics & Website

Provides County departments with professional graphics for use in publications, advertisements, maps and brochures. We also provide technical assistance with website design and content layout for Lee County BOCC departments.

The Mail Center

We process, on average, 46,700 pieces of County mail per month. Mail is presorted and sent out at bulk and discounted rates. Providing further cost savings, staff distributes more than 14,000 pieces of inter-office mail a month to more than 25 government facilities which would otherwise have to be posted. The turn-around time for this service is 24 hours.

Technical Support

We provide technical services to the Board of County Commissioners and departments for sound and video equipment during official BOCC meetings.

Video Production

Video Production Services are made available to all county departments for the production of training and promotional videos. Services include all phases of production including script writing, taping and editing.