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Lee County's First Hybrid Bus Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Event Date: 12/10/2009 1:30 PM
Student Union
Florida Gulf Coast University
Fort Myers , Florida

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Teamwork—work done by a number of parties each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole……..that textbook definition perfectly describes this project.  This public-private partnership pooled resources and worked cooperatively toward a new and better public transportation system and a cleaner environment in Lee County.

The partners -- Lee County Transit (LeeTran), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), ISE Corporation and Coach Crafters, Inc. – have brought to Florida the latest in mass transit hybrid technology. The partnership allowed LeeTran to procure the first gasoline electric hybrid technology bus in the state.

This technology provides higher fuel efficiency and emits over 40% less NOx than similar diesel hybrids. Although the fuel savings will vary depending upon driving conditions, LeeTran may see a 30% to 100% gain in fuel economy.  FDOT has offered the services of the University of South Florida Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) to independently validate all of the data necessary to certify the vehicle for operation on Florida roadways.  Coach Crafters of Tavares, FL was selected to provide maintenance support.
“Transit agencies in California report that this technology provides a smooth, quiet ride and reduced maintenance costs due to increased brake life,” said Steve Myers, LeeTran’s Transit Director. “We plan to test the vehicle on a variety of routes and share the data with our partners in the industry.  We will soon add three diesel hybrids to our fleet, giving us the opportunity to compare performance between the two technologies,” Myers concluded.

The Lee County Commissioners’ decision to purchase hybrid buses deepens the level of commitment towards creating a more sustainable transportation system.  It is an honor for Florida Gulf Coast University to be part of this historic moment for Lee County and for the state of Florida.  The educational opportunities that stem from using alternative fuel vehicles are significant and further promote the sustainability goals and objectives of FGCU.  The availability of this technology reinforces the important connection between public transit and the environment and provides the opportunity to educate and attract new riders.

Teamwork….when all parties work together……everybody benefits……government, businesses and, most importantly, the taxpayers.

LeeTran Hybrid Bus

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